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Avere i grilli per la testa

to have silly or bizarre thoughts

Imagine crickets, loads of crickets, jumping all about in an enclosed space such as your head.  What confusion! How difficult it would be to form your thoughts and think clearly!

This is the idea behind the Italian expression avere i grilli per la testa.  If someone is saying bizarre or crazy things, or otherwise displaying signs of thinking nonsensically, you might say that person: ha i grilli per la testa.  It could be a one-off thing (perhaps somebody hasn’t eaten and it is making them loopy) or it could be a general personality trait.

Either way, try not to judge the person too harshly— after all, could you think with i grilli per la testa??!!

Other variations:

avere la testa piena di grilli,  avere il capo pieno di grilli,  avere i grilli in testa


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This (your website) was given to me by my tutor and it is clearly one of the best Italian websites I have ever seen, and I have visited many. Again thank you so much!