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Non me la bevo

I'm not buying it



Literally: I’m not drinking it

Or, as we say in English: I’m not buying it

Used to show disbelief or distrust i.e. something’s fishy and you don’t believe the person/situation.



Sono tornata alle 10. Te lo giuro!
(I returned at 10, I swear!)

Non me la bevo! Ho visto la tua macchina!
(I’m not buying it! I saw your car!)



Notice the word in the cup in the image above?  Bugie means “lies” and of course, you wouldn’t want to drink that!


Other forms:

(io) Non me la bevo.
(tu) Non te la bevi.
(lui/lei) Non se la beve.
(noi) Non ce la beviamo.
(voi) Non ve la bevete.
(loro) Non se la bevono.


Hai capito? Got it? Try writing out your own sentence(s) using “Non me la bevo” (or any of the above forms) and post them in the comments below!

November 3, 2016

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