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How Italian Verbs Work

In any language, verbs are the workhorses of the sentences, but in Italian this is particularly true! Master the Italian verb, and you’re well on your way to mastering the Italian language!


If you were going to learn music, you wouldn’t just learn a bunch of random notes and hope for the best— you’d learn how to combine those notes into chords and melodies in order to produce the most harmonious sounds.  It’s the same with language learning— instead of just learning random words and phrases, you’ll want to learn a bit of grammar so you can start producing your own harmonious sentences.

More than just grammar charts or drills, this course helps you understand the parts and mechanics of the Italian verb so that you can use patterns to your advantage and expand your communicative abilities quickly.

Italian verbs are the workhorses of sentences.  They not only express the action of the sentence, but also when the action occurred and information on the subject or who is performing the action. This is because Italian uses a different verb system than English— there are different endings for each person and tense and this can seem overwhelming at first.  (There are 6 potential persons and 21 potential tenses so 126 forms for each verb.) However, by taking a look at How Italian Verbs Work you can see that Italian verbs follow predictable patterns. Once you learn those patterns, and learn how to look up what you don’t know, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the Italian language!

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  1. This is a good course


    Molto utile! Grazie!

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This (your website) was given to me by my tutor and it is clearly one of the best Italian websites I have ever seen, and I have visited many. Again thank you so much!