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Introduzioni – Introductions

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    Alex ViaOp

    Iniziamo con le introduzioni! Raccontaci un po’ su di te… chi sei, della tua famiglia, perché vuoi imparare l’italiano, il tuo luogo preferito in Italia— basta che sia in italiano e adeguato ad un forum pubblico!

    Let’s start with introductions! Tell us a bit about yourself… who you are, about your family, why you want to learn Italian, your favorite place in Italy— as long as it’s in Italian and appropriate for a public forum!

    Useful phrases:

    Mi chiamo – My name is

    Sono – I am

    Mi piace… – I like

    viaggiare – to travel

    mangiare – to eat

    Il mio luogo preferito in Italia è – My favorite place in Italy is


    Don’t trust Google Translate to translate entire sentences or paragraphs! You’re better off using a dictionary like WordReference and its verb conjugator.  If you’re having trouble wording it, perhaps you’re trying to complicate things too much— just keep it simple!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Ciao, Alex! I am a Latin teacher who is teaching on section of conversational Italian - and I only have some experience with Italian myself! In my attempts to solidify my understanding of Italian, I have really enjoyed looking over your materials. They are so clear, concise and and easy to understand. Thank you!