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Alex ViaOp


Since I had the first taste of the Italian language in the fifth grade (which is just as tasty as Italian food, I promise), I’ve had the desire to travel the world and meet people to whom words like “piacere” and “bellissima” are commonplace and ordinary. I don’t think it dawned on me in such literal terms, but the idea was always there that if they knew a whole set of words I had never heard before, there might be a few other things they could show me as well. It turned out to be true— I love the Italian language and culture and in particular the emphasis on family, art and the simple pleasures in life. I travel to Italy whenever I get the chance, and am so pleased to bring the Italian language and culture to you through VIA OPTIMAE. I’d love to create a real community of learners, and I invite you to comment, share your stories, goals and progress or even just say “Ciao!”

Featured testimonial:

Ciao, Alex! I am a Latin teacher who is teaching on section of conversational Italian - and I only have some experience with Italian myself! In my attempts to solidify my understanding of Italian, I have really enjoyed looking over your materials. They are so clear, concise and and easy to understand. Thank you!