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What is a membership?

In addition to signing up as a student, you can also choose to become a member of Via Optimae. Members receive exclusive discounts on courses and have special access to content, tutoring, and other benefits. Right now, we only have the “Basic” (free!) membership enabled, but more levels are coming soon!


Basic Members receive special discounts and have access to our Etichette— downloadable and printable label pages that can be used to create your own mini Italian immersion at home!


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Featured testimonial:

I normally don't reach out to the Italian learning sites I visit, but I have to say that your welcome email message was so nice, and your site is just amazing!...I am blown away, not only because of your content and the way you have organized it, but by your diagrams and "hidden answers" - I love the visual-ness of it (if that is a word), because I am a visual learner - your charts and bold fonts for clarity are wonderful.