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The most used nouns: no. 003 UOMO

I sostantivi più utilizzati nella lingua italiana
In this series, we’re covering the most used nouns in the Italian language


Numero 3 è…..


 uomo (l’)



Uomo is the third most-used noun.  It means “man” which can refer to a literal adult male, or to “man” as in “mankind” or human beings in general.

n.003 UOMO in The Most-Used Nouns digital magazine


It starts with a vowel, so to say “the man” you use ” l’ “


l’  + uomo = l’uomo


It is irregular in the plural, “men” is:




Again, because it starts with a vowel, to say “the men”, you use “gli”:


gli + uomini = gli uomini


In context:

View this cartoon in the digital magazine to see an explanation, as well as videos and other context!


View this cartoon in the digital magazine to see an explanation, as well as videos and other context!



Because this term can refer to both literal men, as well as mankind in general, it appears in many aforismi (aphorisms or maxims):



“L’uomo è condannato ad essere libero”
—Jean-Paul Sartre
Man is condemned to be free.


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Can you write a sentence using the word uomo? Or maybe you have a favorite “aforisma” (maxim) you’d like to share? Comment below!


Happy studying!
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