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The most-used nouns: no. 006 CASA

I sostantivi più utilizzati nella lingua italiana
Numero 6 è…..

 casa (la)

“Casa” is the general term for any dwelling and can be translated as house or home depending on the context.  A lot of people live in apartments in Italy, and those too can be referred to as casa*.
You’ll often hear it in the following…
a casa
at home
casa mia
my house
sotto casa
on the street in front of one’s house
(especially if it’s an apartment building)


*If you want to refer specifically to the stand-alone structure that we would call a “house” you can use the term villa (which we also use in English) especially if it is surrounded by a bit of land.


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Can you write a sentence using the word casa? Or maybe you can find a quote or aphorism that uses it? Comment below!


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