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The most-used nouns: no. 008 VITA

I sostantivi più utilizzati nella lingua italiana, numero 8

In this series, we’re covering the most used nouns in the Italian language


Numero 8 è…..

 vita (la)


VITA means life, which you might have known because it is part of a famous movie title and often-used phrase:


La dolce vita


la dolce vita
the sweet life
Which refers to a life filled with indulgent pleasures and comforts.
You can also say:
la bella vita
the good life
(literally the beautiful life)
fare la bella vita
 to live the good life
Questi sì che fanno la bella vita!:
These guys really are living the good life!:


Pronunciation Note:

When American English speakers say the word vita they have a tendency to pronounce the “T” as more of a “D” sound (because t -> d in between vowels is a common pronunciation rule in American English) In Italian, however,  the “T” should very clearly be a T!

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ITALIAN: The most-used words ITALIAN: The most-used nouns

Can you write a sentence using the word vita? Or try Wikiquote and find an aphorism that uses it!
La vita e la bici hanno lo stesso principio, devi continuare a muoverti per stare in equilibrio…
Life and bicycles have the same basic principle, you must keep moving to maintain your balance.  

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